Monday, May 4, 2009

Uke jam tonight; Thanks to High Strung

It was great to see a lot of uke jam faces at the Jake Shimabukuro show on Thursday night. What a musician, huh?! I loved the comment by a young audience member when asked if she was going to learn to play like Jake: "Are you kidding? I can't even fake move my hands that fast!" I can't either, but still I'm more inspired than ever to play more and to find ways to bring out the beauty of my little ukulele.

To that end, come play with us at the uke jam tonight. Bring songs. Bring ideas! We can always look up songs on the ol' net and print them out.

Special thanks Lee and Christine at High Strung for making tickets to Jake's show available on Thursday. I'm glad some of you got to use them. For anyone else who missed the show, I recommend taking a listen to Jake Shimabukuro's Live CD.

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