Saturday, August 28, 2010

What should Lil' Rev teach?

I am happy to let you know that Lil' Rev will be returning to Durham for ukulele workshops on Halloween weekend. He will participate in the annual Bookulele show (which, rumor has it, will be at Pinhook this year) on Saturday, October 30th. (Stay tuned for more Bookulele details.) And he will present a workshop at High Strung on Sunday, October 31st. Those of you who came to his workshops last Spring will remember how fun he is as a teacher and performer, so put this on your calendars!

And.... I want to know what you want Lil' Rev to teach. Check out his current workshop topics here. My current preference is for the Blues Styles for Ukulele topic. And we've had another uke jam member vote for blues as well:
I woke up this morning with them and did not know what to play. I need this workshop.

I think learning to play blues would be really fun, and would add a lot of possibilities to uke jam. But I'm interested in hearing what you guys would like to learn . As it stands now, I think we'll just get one workshop, but there's a chance he'll agree to teach two if there's strong demand.

The workshop will be geared towards advanced beginner and beyond players, meaning there will be no absolute beginner workshop. So you have a couple of months to get comfortable with basic chords and basic strumming, which you can do by coming to uke jam (hint, hint!).