Thursday, August 9, 2007

New books and videos at High Strung...

Hey All,

I was in High Strung this week and discovered that Christine and Lee had received a huge order of Uke related books and videos. All the Jim Beloff books and videos are now in stock. The Ralph Shaw videos are there (The Essential Strums video is awesome!). The Ukulele Masters series is there. The Fretboard Roadmaps book is there (Great Book!). So, if you were thinking about ordering any of these online, stop by High Strung instead for some instant Ukulele gratification and support the business that's been so supportive of us.



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Sara said...

hey ya paul! i'm definitely gonna get that video for sure. i tried playing dream a little dream...and it was insanely difficult. this uke stuff is starting to kick my ass!